Bastian Seib and Annalena Schäfer of at the CMCX 2019

Reflecting a great trade fair and many interesting talks

Trade fair appearances are always a controversial matter. There is a lot of stress, it is quickly getting frantic, and you always have a lot to do. Lena and Bastian did a great job and made a perfect performance in cooperation with a great partner. I would like to pay a very big compliment to them both.

What was is all about?

retresco is our partner for excellent text creation-intelligence. They developed a solution that enables you to create automated texts on the basis of structured data such as sizes, quantity, awards, fragrances, or other descriptive characteristics. develops PIM- and DAM-systems as well as various other solutions. What could be more natural than connecting dynamicPIM®, that provides exactly the structured data needed for retresco’s textengine. Together they become a dream team for filing, enriching, and distributing product-data.

Together we’re stronger and more powerful

In this spirit, we found the right basis with retresco and brought a great cooperation into being. The result is an ideal combination of digital innovations – two strong partners are also the basis for smooth functionality and processes.

We want to support our clients to improve digitally, optimize the many process steps that still work manually, and have a high demand for coordination. It also works step by step. You don’t have to start with the full range of modules, but still have a clear vision, and a unique goal in mind. What is often more important is the opportunity to offer a full solution right from the start.

The technology behind, API-connect, and automation

With dynamicPIM® you get a fully developed, web-based PIM-solution. In combination with dynamicDAM® it tackles all the challenges of product- and media-data-management such as storage, optimization, distribution, and all process- and workflow steps between them. Added to that is retresco’s technology that helps to create unique and high-quality texts without manually working through them. It’s a win-win-situation, even if the texts have to be checked by a legal control.

Contact us for further information

The trade fair was a great experience, we evaluate it now. Feel free to contact us anytime. We offer a personal introduction or a web-demo of our joint solution to everyone who is interested in it.