Images and documents are transferred as data sets and all meta data, such as resolution, clipping, color profiles, and color space are readout automatically. For this purpose, buyouts can also be maintained, if necessary.


Videos are converted to streaming-capable format for immediate playback. The quality remains as good as the original. Up to 12 sequences are extracted to select a meaningful preview.


There are groups and roles for each authorization model. In addition, start and end dates, which, connected to the archive, allow automated control of the media objects’ validity.

Download formats

Store all kinds of images as high-resolution files only once and convert them into all required formats on-the-fly. The download formats enable this and create order.


Our DAM system can be perfectly linked to your own PIM. External systems can also be integrated via API, input as well as output.

Discover other tools

Processes and data can be managed easily and, above all, efficiently due to the right tools. Here you will find further solutions that will support you perfectly.

The Pro for your Media Objects. Structured Storage and easy distribution.

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