Software must be constantly developed further

An extensive code update was implemented for our dynamicTOOLS.

When communicating with customers, it is often not easy to explain important basics for improving the source code. This is not about the recurring security updates. Rather, it is about the fact that many areas of a software solution benefit from different code components that are constantly being developed further.

The foundations for optimal further development of software systems, our performance update

Our dynamicTOOLS are essentially based on PHP and Laravel. In addition, there are various code components, which in turn affect essential program components in both the frontend and the backend. Automated and manual testing procedures are carried out daily and weekly to ensure that our solution is always up to date. These ensure that the compatibility of the implementations of individual programmers remains guaranteed. And this is no trivial task. Only when these procedures give the “green light” is data imported into the live environment of the applications.

This form of daily work or bi-weekly sprints primarily serves to further develop the system. Added to this are services for detected bugs or closing possible security gaps.

So why a master performance update?

Not included in these routines is the upgrade of essential “building blocks” such as PHP or Laravel, as well as program parts that can generate automated Excel tables, for example. The main reason for this is that these upgrades can lead to considerable compatibility problems and are not easily imported into the live environment.

We are talking about many weeks of development time here, which is mainly spent putting the system through its paces and only deploying it after extensive (automated and manual) testing.

What does the update result in?

Above all, it brings us performance. The pages load considerably faster, the page structure and database queries are smoother. The end customer recognizes it above all by the fact that it is much more fun to work with the application and thus also brings a significant time advantage.

In many cases, however, it also provides a more structured and better update capability, as all software components are also developed further and the maintainability of the application improves accordingly, in addition to the performance.


Software also becomes outdated. And we make sure that it is up-to-date and remains one of the best solutions of its kind on the market.