The Wella Download Center by

The premium brand Wella relies on’s dynamicTOOLS for the PIM/DAM system of all brands and products.

Based on the products dynamicPIM® and dynamicDAM®, we have been supporting the customer Wella with the Wella Download Center for several years. The application is constantly being further developed and in some cases supplemented with customer features that are geared to Wella’s specific business field. For this purpose, the professional versions of the applications were booked, which allow the development of customer-specific adaptations that are only used on this client.

Wella Download Center

Aligned for Wella, established as standard

This is how you could describe the use of our dynamicTOOLS. The tools offer the full scope of services of PIM systems supplemented by a direct integration of a precisely fitting DAM system. For Wella, optimized by supplementary functions such as an individual implementation of the buyout function, which is already available as standard in our systems, but was expanded for Wella by customer-specific functions.

The benefits of our PIM/DAM systems

What are the special features of our systems? What are the main differences between our systems and those of our competitors? This is always difficult to describe in general terms, but the following functions and features provide some concrete clues:

  • PIM system and DAM system as one unit, many competitors offer either PIM or DAM, a seamless integration is rare
  • Licensed systems with full service, also with agency services for content, maintenance, etc. if desired
  • Licensing on a monthly basis, not on a user basis
  • Individualization possible from Professional versions, i.e. benefit from the standard, adapt to the specific business environment
  • Output container for retailers, individual and customized
  • Download formats for all media, set media file in highest quality, other formats generated by the system
  • Download, data basket, PIN, API – many ways to distribute data
  • and much more, feel free to contact us