Initial interview

Clarification of the general conditions.


Definition of the service areas.


Setting up milestones and tasks.


Selection of the appropriate CRM system.


Clarification of functions for sales.


Clarification of functions for marketing.


Clarification of the functions for the service area.


Implementation of email strategies.

Paid Media

Integration and implementation of paid media strategies.


Implementation of social media concepts.


Setup and support of the evaluation functions.

First Party Data

Consulting and implementation on the topic of first-party data.



Selection, requirement and implementation of the HubSpot CRM for the customer GenoCrowd. In addition, provides ongoing support for the system and implements all services in the system. All modules of the HubSpot CRM (sales, marketing, service) are used here.



BASF Forward-AM

Assistance and support for BASF Forward AM's HubSpot solution. The services include integration into the website we implemented (tracking, analysis, marketing automation) and consulting services around the implementation and use of the HubSpot CRM.




Dynamic API integration of branches/locations of a CRM into the dynamicEXPERT® app from This allows the sales force to assign impressions directly to locations and maintain all locations centrally in the CRM solution. Synchronization takes place directly in the app and the DAM system provided (dynamicDAM®).


FAQ – CRM for Marketing Automation

We offer all stages from independent consulting, selection, implementation and ongoing support when it comes to introducing a CRM solution or even continuing to support an existing solution. As a digital agency, the focus is on marketing and sales automation. Especially with regard to the use of first-party data, this is an important basis.

Marketing automation always begins with in-depth consultation on goals and challenges. This means that an intensive exchange must take place between the customer and the agency in order to isolate issues and understand problems.

In the next step, the customer’s expectations must be matched with what marketing automation can do. It is not our goal to sell software. We want to offer support and show what is possible. In return, this is also always a clarification of where the limits lie.

Once these steps have been taken and written down, a serious planning of implementation and timings can take place.

This depends largely on how the CRM solution is used and what use is to be made of it. The individual costs are usually divided into the audit phase, consulting, implementation and ongoing support. Of course, the actual license costs of the selected system are also added.

Simple answer: Yes and no. CRM solutions are mostly global solutions, not all countries around the world take data protection into account as they do in Germany. In many cases, the instances must be configured specifically for the DS-GVO. This is often possible, but also requires consulting and knowledge of what needs to be configured in the system and how. In general, however, there are also systems that do not take the GDPR so seriously. So if you want to be on the safe side here, some systems currently fail from the outset.

It is not the primary approach to replace other tools and software solutions with a CRM. However, as part of an “economies of scale” strategy and especially if you want to operate marketing automation, this is purposeful. Many approaches come into consideration here.

From newsletter tools to CRO tools, email systems, ticket systems, landing page generators, analytics, SEO tools, CMS systems, and so on. This list alone shows how much potential lies in centralizing with a CRM.

A CRM cannot replace systems such as our PIM/DAM solutions, for example. Here we are dealing with a completely different task area.

There are. Various providers offer software solutions that either offer parts of the system, such as newsletter management, pure CRM solutions, ticket systems or ad management applications. Therefore, it is always necessary to first clarify the requirements in the company and to see which solution is the right one or which alternative comes into question.

It is important to note that if a long-term strategy is involved, some solutions offer many expansion options. This means that you don’t limit yourself right from the start. To do this, you stay with a central system. The danger of having to administer many small “task solvers” with individual solutions is enormous. For this purpose, data in external systems must be reconciled, which can then be analyzed in one system.

We offer comprehensive consulting for the introduction of a CRM system.


Integrate your CRM solution efficiently.

CRM is the basis for modern marketing automation. We support your CRM project.

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