Master data

All data, from logistics to ingredients to the clear classification of products (article numbers, EAN/GTIN, PZN etc.) are managed by only one system.


Use groups and roles to define individual authorizations down to field level. In this way, data can only be made visible to the target groups that are authorized to view it.

Output Container

An Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF container is included as a standard feature. Individual output containers can be created optionally and also be authorized on group/client level.


All sources from internal systems can be connected via API. This allows our PIM to aggregate data from various systems in one place. Conversely, the data can also be passed on via API (Markant, GS1).


We understand PIM not only as a logistical pool. Nowadays, the data flow must contain all data for logistics, sales, marketing etc. and make it available centrally. We do that.

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