We love, what we do


Since 1995, we have been active as an advertising agency. With all the skills that are important for efficient and professional communication. With 25 employees who live what we create for our clients. Firmly established in the digital world and experienced in the analogue fields. Because it’s the idea and the implementation that counts, no matter what segment you’re in.


Outstanding content for our clients' brands and products is the basic elements of modern communication. It is important to preserve the existing and to constantly set new impulses in a constantly changing environment.


Despite all the digital possibilities, creative power still remains the decisive factor. It is the differentiator, it is the “wow-effect”, and it provides the basis for good communication. Not for the gallery or any advertising awards. For successful communication and the solution of challenges that are becoming increasingly complex.


It has started in 2002: We have fully entered the digital communication. With enthusiasm and the curiosity to get to know all buttons and switches. In the course of time, we have been able to try out many more possibilities. Thanks to the support and courage of our clients to enter the unknown with us. Today, we are still learning day by day.


Digital can do a lot, but not every action is always useful. Search, Marketing Automation, Programmatic or Push: Many disciplines help enormously to generate reach or ensure visibility. In our experience, selected disciplines must interact "intelligently". Only then do they have the necessary power and can have an effect.


The engine for decorative cosmetics, automotive, consumer goods and everything that is or can be emotionally charged. Stories, posts etc. are created and developed by the agency. We take care of activating texts, hashtags and the complete support  from creation, influencer management (lead, micro), targeting/re-targeting/ad management to evaluation.

We attend to the entire processing: from creating the idea to its execution and constant analysis.