Hybrid App

Technology for iOS and Android. You can choose which device you want to work with. Whether it's a tablet or smartphone, it always works the same way.


For all employees who have to enable qualified documentation and evaluations on-site using images and assigned features such as filters, types, and country assignment.


No upload of location data needed. Every user compiles his locations via a map using POIs and adds them to his device profile. Simple and therefore fully variable.


Even without internet access you can create impressions and save them locally. Once you have web access again, you can synchronize your impressions online with our central system.


Your impressions can be played back to the local device anytime you want. So your data is fully available again, based on the time period you have chosen.

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Die App bringt Bilder aus dem Retail oder aus mobilen Einsätzen in die zentrale Medienverwaltung des Unternehmens.

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