The importance of social media marketing and a social media agency

These days, there is a lot of discussion about social media. Opinions differ widely, but this much is certain: Social media has already become an important part of our everyday lives. manages your social media channels

Not only private individuals, but also companies have to deal with it – at least if they want to stay up to date and competitive. But many are unable to cope with it. Hiring a social media agency is usually the right decision.

Social media is used to form opinions and explore trends

Companies have to be present where their existing and potential customers are – and these are to be found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Today, these are the channels where exchange happens, opinions are formed, new contacts are made, and new trends are explored – with an increasing tendency.

„Content is king“ – more current than ever

Speaking of trends: People are fed up with classical advertising, they want to be addressed personally and decide for themselves when, where and by whom. They follow their favorite brands and discover new brands that have something to say and stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the competition in social media is also growing, with more and more companies and brands fighting for the attention of potential customers every day. Never before has outstanding, personal, authentic and emotional content been so important as it is today.

Changes of the Facebook algorithm

Since the update in 2018, the Facebook algorithm has put emphasis on „meaningful interactions“ – the organic reach for companies has thus been massively restricted. Even likes don’t really help to push the posts, now it’s all about real engagement. Users have to interact with the posted content, i.e. they should stay longer with the posts, comment on them and share them so that they are also classified as relevant for others and played out in the feed. You can’t produce such content in passing, it is recommended to use a professional editorial office or hire a social media agency instead.

Instagram in the fast lane

While Facebook is still the leading social media platform in terms of user numbers, Instagram is becoming more popular, not only among younger audiences. Today, one billion people worldwide are already active on Instagram, in Germany there are over 15 million users. Even more important, however, is the following number: Instagram is said to be responsible for 75 percent of the total engagement on all social media channels. This is a great potential that should not be wasted.

From video to stories and live stream

Videos are nothing new, but stories are a relatively new format. One that seems to have conquered the world instantly. Snapchat brought them to life, Instagram has made them indispensable, and Facebook has joined in. Originally, the stories disappeared after 24 hours, giving them actuality and exclusivity – people felt like they were missing something unique when they weren’t there right away.

Meanwhile, you can add a story to your highlights and keep it in your profile for as long as you like, but the rest of the stories still disappear. You have to capture the moment, not only during its creation, but also during the reception. Spontaneity and authenticity are the magic words. People want less “beautified” and more personal content, close and direct, made by “real” people who state their honest opinions. Which leads us to the next important trend in social media marketing:

Influencer marketing of today and tomorrow

As the name already implies, influencers exert influence. But the time of the “big ones” seems to be over, more and more people trust so-called micro-influencers. In contrast to celebrities, they seem much more authentic and often have a smaller but more active audience that is more willing to engage in valuable interactions. The micro-influencers are really interested in the topics they talk about, as are their followers. Rather than focusing on pure follower numbers, it’s worth paying attention to engagement rates. Read more about this in our article on influencer marketing.

The opportunities and challenges of social media marketing

Cambridge Analytica as well as the “Diesel”-scandal, the Russia affair and millions of fake accounts – some of the reasons why in recent times social media platforms and several large companies have lost credibility. User confidence has been shaken, they have become more skeptical. One more reason why trends are moving away from classic advertising, polished content and celebrity faces towards stories and micro-influencers. Corporate values are moving more and more into focus. But those who position themselves properly in this field and keep up to date can turn today’s challenges into their opportunities.

The role of community management

With negative feedback, an unsatisfied customer can trigger a whole shitstorm. A quick and appropriate reaction is essential here. It is of utmost importance to perceive the customer and his concern, to answer him openly and honestly and to offer a constructive solution. In this way, you can not only prevent an image loss, but also turn dissatisfied customers into loyal fans.

The advantages of social media marketing

Almost half of the entire world population today uses social media platforms, up to 40 percent of them are looking for product offers and services. The pool of potential customers is growing every day, while existing customers are becoming fans and brand ambassadors. Image building, brand awareness, reach, customer proximity – almost every marketing goal can be achieved with the support of social media. Thanks to extensive targeting methods in paid social, target groups can be addressed very precisely and spreading loss is reduced to a minimum.

And then there’s the breakthrough in social commerce: Since 2018, companies can tag their products on Instagram. Tap it once and users can find out more details about the product or buy it right away. 130 million Instagram users tap a shopping post every month. Instagram shopping is becoming more and more popular, both for companies and for consumers. – the social media agency from Frankfurt am Main

The marketing landscape is undergoing major changes. Classic advertising does not have an effect on consumers. At the same time, new business models such as social commerce are being established. Those who are not present in social media today lose; those who are present must also come up with the right strategy in order to win. We at are at your side when it comes to producing content for social media that offers a real added value.

Whether text, image or video – we create content for your social media channel and take care of the right mix as well as the exact planning. We find and manage influencers, control advertising and take over the evaluation. Thus, we offer the whole range of services in social media marketing and you have a contact person for everything.

Especially for a social media agency, it is important to keep an eye on current developments and to watch out for tomorrow’s trends. This is the only way to combine creativity and technical know-how in a promising way.