Digital marketing for the Drinkmate all-in-one sparkling water maker

Carbonating water is the domain of SodaStream & Co. But the Drinkmate can also carbonate any other cold drink. This is the USP of the Drinkmate, the all-purpose sparkling water maker from the USA. Since the end of last year, we have been working on increasing the communication and visibility of this product in the German-speaking segment.

Digital marketing and landing page for the Drinkmate

We are pleased to take on this task and to draw attention to the Drinkmate against extremely strong competitors. Our tasks include the design of a landing page that communicates the Drinkmate in a more high-quality and defined way for the German-speaking market. In addition, we create, optimize and continuously manage digital campaigns. Under the slogan: “Sprudel dir, was du willst!” various campaign forms are played out on the net.

Social media and SEO

Many other activities are planned for 2024. For example, the professionalization of the German social media presence and the further development of the Drinkmate presence.

The new Drinkmate landing page in German-speaking countries

The new landing page for Drinkmate in German-speaking countries is live.

Drinkmate Website