Influencer Marketing – inspire with emotion

Influcencer marketing by located in Frankfurt/Main: We supervise brands and influencers in maintaining social media channels all over Germany.
Influence marketing as a type of advertising modifies the way brands and their testimonials perform in digital channels.

What is so special about Influencer Marketing?

Social media marketing happens in social media channels, where target groups of different branches communicate, form peer-groups and seek their identification with topics, individuals or interests. Related to content marketing, the social media sector is no longer only a digital exchange platform. Social media becomes more and more a bridge between individuals and individual interests.

It’s a melting pot of wishes, desires, potential secrets and love stories. It’s the emotional matrix for everything we as social beings search for. Appreciation, awareness and vanity blend seamlessly into one another and conflate into a ‘glue’ that generates addictive patterns.

For sure nobody is immune against this glue and the addictive potential is immense. This does not affect only teens and twens but also people of all ages, as long as they do not dislike digital channels due to ideological or other reasons.

Influencers are an obvious booster to this glue since they become the face of the message, represent an emotion and the real life. Celebrated in the channel, supported by stories and activated through the popularity of followers & co.

Rules even the best advertisers should bear in mind

In general, it all starts with understanding the mechanics and mechanisms. Conversations concerning influencer marketing often remind me of Twitter. There was a lot of chatting about Twitter, lots of discussions in a technical jargon, but nobody wanted to admit that not everything was clear to everyone. Therefore, the first step is to explain and support the understanding.

Following, this is a standard marketing activity. Define targets (KPIs), localize target groups and being aware, that the kind of communication and therefore the creation as well can be totally different. There is no constructing of headlines for days and discussions of its impact. Also, art-buyers will not need to search for images which will be reviewed within the team on the digital lightbox (which is time consuming again).

It is rather the moment, its tension and the spontaneous idea, surrounded by a digital strategy, that includes the selection of influencers or several micro-influencers. In addition, there are also live-events and actions, that involve the influencer/s as a key factor of the communication strategy.

Is influencer marketing relevant for every branch?

The potential for the industries is enormous. More and more branches discover this kind of advertising for their brands and products. Of course, all branches that offer products and services with a strong emotional content are perfectly suited for influencer marketing. Beauty, especially skincare-brands, fragrances, car brands, fashion, sports, food, art and music. The list is certainly incomplete, but it does show where the effect is greatest.

Anyway, even branches with products that doesn’t convince with extraordinary characteristics like taste, scent or appearance are up to this form of advertising, for example the energy generation sector, banking or all fields of infrastructure.

A critical reflection of influence marketing…

Obviously, it is necessary to critically approach or at least challenge this channel from various points of view. Influencers are people of public interest, if you like it or dislike it, if you can identify with it it or not.  A critical article, such as this one regarding influencer marketing published in Handelsblatt orange, shows both perspectives that are currently discussed in press and public.

Good reasons to involve

As a digital agency we are focused on influence marketing. We take care of all creative services associated, starting from ideas for posts and stories up to the final editorial plan. We produce own content, including full-video creation inhouse, or optimize existing content from clients if necessary.

We manage the channels with Facebook Business Manager and control the entire AD-management. In addition, we are qualified in using the Google Marketing Plattform therefore we can broaden the scope to display and text-advertising (adwords) anytime.

Our account team is responsible for researching influencers and micro-influencers and the entire communication, briefing and support of influencers. offers the complete support for the channels including all services of media and targeting. This leaves you with only one contact instead of coordinating various agencies. Of course, analytics and evaluation are included as well.

Our agency has strong creative capacities and is technically up to date. Many services within the advertising sector have become highly technical and require an extremely high level of expertise, especially regarding search engine marketing. After all, the agency has to have both: creative minds and experts for code & content.