When it comes to content, emotions come up – literally.

Many companies come up with the question, what relevant content actually is, what it means for their business, and, in the first place, why they should hire a content agency. After all, anyone can create content. True, isn’t it?

It might get disappointing, but it’s not that easy with website content, social media posts etc. There are a few things to consider, if you want to be successful in content marketing. With a content agency like dietz.digital you have a reliable partner at your side who supports you with know-how and expertise in the essential processes.

What makes good content stand out?

Anyone who can inspire his users with his website content is the winner. Good content that is relevant for a certain target group also increases the visibility in search engines. For a reason, content is one of the SEO boosts par excellence.
Different formats such as videos, images and texts, but also a glossary, FAQs and a special wiki show the range of possibilities. Every provider can choose the formats that suits him best. In concrete terms, this means that the content answers questions, e.g. about a product, a service or generally about a specific topic. At the same time, it offers solutions to specific problems or provides assistance in the form of tutorials. In short: It offers the user added value, especially if the content is presented in an emotional, likeable and entertaining way. And it does not impose itself.
At the same time, the content’s quality plays an important role. Users tend to expect more professional content from a company than from an influencer or hobby blogger. Expertise must be transported via the content. Sounds complicated? Then, it’s time for a content agency.

Your content agency as a reliable partner for successful content marketing

As soon as you have hired a content agency, you can start. But not right away with the content. First of all, goals are defined that form the basis for a content strategy. Let’s take a closer look at that. The goals are about defining what you want to achieve with your content. Just because many companies have a blog doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for you, too.
First, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve with your content. Do you have a product that you want to promote, or do you want to push your brand’s awareness even more? Or do you want to generate new customers and boost sales in your shop? This is when a content agency comes into play. Because every goal needs its own processes and procedures, i.e. an individual content strategy. This plan not only defines how the content should look like, but also which target group should be served. This is also the basis for how the content is played out. Imagine your target group is primarily active on social media channels, but your content is only on your website. In this case, an exemplary solution would be to direct your target group to your website through clever social media marketing.
A content agency also looks at the reading and surfing behavior of your target group. This allows conclusions to be drawn about preferred formats (video, articles, infographics, etc.) and when the users are online at all.

Once these questions have been clarified, the creation and implementation begin.

Why leave the content creation to a content agency?

When creating content, you should also rely on the expertise of a content agency. It is not simply a matter of putting a text or video on the website. Content creation involves many, different steps for which many companies do not have the necessary resources and experience. After all, in addition to planning, topics must be researched, technical requirements and processes must be established and maintained. Once the content is online, constant monitoring and, if necessary, further SEO optimization is carried out.

The production of content is also time-consuming, if you want it to appeal to and convince the users. Articles are written, suitable keywords (basis for SEO) are selected or a complete video production with storyboard, shooting, and editing is started. Let’s not forget the constant observation of the latest trends and relevant topics. Content marketing is only successful if it is done actively and developed consistently.

Sounds extensive? It is. It takes discipline, expertise and above all, time to achieve this. The content agency dietz.digital does exactly that and offers to support you in your content marketing activities. You are already planning a content marketing project, but still have questions or need an experienced partner? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.