A successful presentation in Google and Co. takes time and needs know-how

A website is more than just a digital business card you put on the Internet. In the digital age, the demands for content, user guidance, and technology are constantly increasing. And the same goes for the factors that influence a high visibility on the web. Feeling lost on this subject? Then it’s time for a supportive partner – like a SEO agency.

Search engine optimization is a sub discipline, if not the core discipline, of online marketing and can contribute significantly to the success of a company. After all, websites have long since become more than just business cards on the web. Relevant content with added value can give a website a push to reach the top of the search engine’s results. A SEO agency actively supports the optimization of website performance. Although various tasks can also be done by employees of your own company, let’s be honest: Do these employees always have the time – in addition to their usual tasks – to stay up to date regarding ranking factors and changes in the search algorithm? If you choose a SEO agency as your partner, you can be sure that its team will use the full potential of your website and advise you competently.

Understand what Google and Co. have in mind

An essential part of search engine optimization is to know what Google and Co. actually want to offer with their service. This is very simple: Users who submit a search query should receive satisfactory answers to their questions as quickly as possible. This means that the search results ideally include all the information the users need. And this is exactly what is essential for good search engine optimization: the way the search results or the website’s content are edited. The better it is prepared and the better it really offers added value, the better it is ranked by Google. The goal is to get listed on the first two pages of the Google results, because – and we know this from our own behaviour – that we rarely go beyond the second results page when searching online. A SEO agency can help you to optimize your content that you convince the users with your expertise in an entertaining way.

Transparent, comprehensible, and individual: This is how a SEO agency supports

Now, let’s talk about each single step that initiates the SEO optimization of your website.

In the first step you will have a detailed conversation with your SEO agency about your plans and the goals you want to achieve. If you have already taken action, you can explain these at this point. And you will also discuss whether you just want to optimize or completely relaunch the site.
This is followed by an analysis and a plan of measures. The team of the SEO agency takes a closer look at your site and examines it regarding content, technical issues, and structure. The result is a good idea of how your site performs in comparison to the competition and what adjustments could be made to improve its performance.

The focus of the third step is the implementation. Here, the SEO agency defines the tasks for on-page and off-page optimization and also carries them out. On-page clearly focuses on the content. Relevant keywords, meta data, internal links or alt texts for images are revised or added during this step. You could say, these tasks happen on the website itself.

With off-page optimization, we move away from the page and use link building, social signals, and targeted brand management on the Internet itself to push the relevance of your website.

Still, the big question remains: Will all this effort succeed and will Google list my website on its first page? The truth is: You can’t say that for sure. Little steps are always possible, but the big leap to the coveted top positions can only be achieved through constant and consistent optimization. And even then, this depends on many other factors, which go beyond the scope of this article.

What do you want: optimize your website or are you ready for something new?

Sometimes it makes sense to completely redesign a page instead of just optimizing it. In doing so, the SEO agency can develop an optimal structure right from the start and set up the technology properly. For this purpose, a SEO concept is created, which is preceded by a detailed keyword research. In this process, all terms that are relevant for the corresponding subject area are identified and prioritized based on the search volume. Each subpage receives a focus keyword, the page content is optimized accordingly.

A SEO agency like dietz.digital can tell you precisely whether a relaunch of an extensive optimization of your website is worth considering. We will be happy to help you.

Tools, charm and expertise – A SEO agency’s tool box

Every SEO agency has its preferred tools to analyze a website. In addition to the Google Search Console, there are various providers that provide a detailed insight into a website. Which subpages rank with which keyword, is there duplicated content, which meta data needs to be added or what about loading times and redirections? An investigation with a SEO tool from the SEO agency also provides information about the average time users spend on the site and also how many users visit the site and leave again without further action.

All this data can be used to define measures and starting points for site optimization. The page performance can often be significantly improved with only little steps. Then, it’s time to stick to it, because SEO is a continuous process. At regular intervals, a detailed monitoring helps to define further measures. And this is how the processes continue. You see, a successful ranking on Google is no rocket science but a matter of continuous work.