Content production for various purposes.


Content marketing or generally the development of content begins with a concept. This means that – as with any other campaign – essential questions must be asked.

Who is the target group? What time period should be served? Are long-term or short-term goals involved? Where will the content be played? Are there any essential parameters to be considered?

Content available? Or create new content?

Nowadays, there is often the challenge that content is produced globally and then considered to be fixed.

Sometimes this happens without explicit consideration of local conditions or specific characteristics. In most cases, it also needs to be translated, since global specifications are initially implemented in English.

For our consulting mandate, that means concretely that we have to evaluate whether this content works in a target-oriented way and which basic conditions are given.

We often speak of guidelines that have to be defined. Every company works differently, and these individual requirements must be taken into account.


Without a gripping idea, content is as empty as a swimming pool without water. It is not about simply producing a lot of content. A lot does not help much. And high-quality content is anything but easy. The team has to come up with a Big Idea, if such an approach is already given by a planned campaign.



In the following, the content strategy is about the planning of the campaign’s goals, the definition of the channels and the clarification of important questions. This also includes, for example, clarifying possible partnerships, the general conditions of the campaigns, targeting and tracking, but also the planning of time periods and frequencies.


Text is the basic form of content. Text can be effective, for example, if it is of journalistic nature. Content marketing is the art of writing texts in such a way that they form a symbiosis with the company, the brand and the purpose of the text.
The value of the statement should be causally linked to the brand identity. Of course, this works particularly well when text is used in combination with images or videos.

The success of social media shows that clearly: considerable reduction to pictorial language and text almost exclusively as hashtags. But writing rather editorial content works as well, and not only for search engines.

The most important goal must always be that texts are written primarily for the users, and text should be written in such a way that they perform for search engines. Conversely, it is SEO garbage, which unfortunately can be found very often.

The optimal implementation of product texts

We deal a lot with product texts and their design. For example, the implementation of Amazon Content, Basic or A+. Here again, very technical factors matter, but product texts must also be written in such a way that they create desire for the product.

Especially, very generic products such as mascara, lipsticks, make-up etc. have to be written in such a way that the respective brand identity is also reflected in the texts.

Using text robots creates another opportunity, but you need the corresponding skills, too. This procedure only makes sense if structured data is available and can be stored in a structured way, ideally in a PIM system.


We are a German agency, as native speakers we can achieve optimal results in our language. The focus is on German or English. The language offers various forms of expression. Again, it must be clearly defined: Is it formal or informal speech, which words/phrases are NO-GOs, which verbs, adjectives etc. are important.


Another thing we are dealing with is the use of Text Robot Technology (AI). We use the platform of retresco, – for example, when it comes to generating gripping product texts from structured data. Especially in combination with our PIM system, this makes a top solution.

Content Management

The agency has been relying on its own content team for many years. This involves recording, structuring and implementing the client’s content on a daily basis. We use content management to support our PIM and DAM clients, but the same goes for content production such as articles and product texts of all kinds. The way in which we work together can vary considerably.

The content management outsourcing solution

Basically, the outsourcing of content management services is a good example of tasks that were previously done in passing by the companies themselves like the maintenance of the website.

Outsourcing creates resources for the important tasks in the company and also increases efficiency, as the agency is more specialized and has access to various other creative services. Even if it is only a matter of checking clipping paths or implementing it professionally.

The content factory

 Creating new content: in line with the campaign’s message, with an intensive contact with the client, and a long-term cooperation. Why this? A major strength of the agency is that we have been working with major clients for many years. It has been shown that our USP is the extensive knowledge of their business processes and content. This is the only way we can advise clients well, and we often know the basics better than some of the company’s own employees.

The normal fluctuation in the companies leads, for example, to the fact that we as an agency can also protect new employees from taking ill-considered paths.


Our content team works on behalf of several companies and on the basis of an outsourcing contract. And in a lot of cases already for many years. As a result, we as an agency are deeply rooted in our clients' material and enable them to save their own resources on the client’s side.


Content includes text, image and video elements. As a digital agency we are very experienced in all three segments. Due to our history as a classic advertising agency, we have a lot of experience in the professional preparation of content of all kinds. From high-resolution data in professional formats to the knowledge of color profiles, clipping, color spaces and much more.

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