Impressions are collections of images created at a site. These impressions, also called galleries, provide a visual inventory at the time the images are created. Impressions are thus the heart of the app and are subsequently categorized or qualified.

No need to upload location data. Each user compiles their own locations via a map using POIs (Point-Of-Interests) and adds them to their device profile. Easy to do and therefore fully variable. In addition, the user can select a POI directly in the map at any time or change a saved one.

The app also automatically finds the closest POI, i.e. the geographic location closest at the time the images were created, and assigns it to the current impression.

The created impressions (images) are created as galleries. I.e. all images created in a session are combined into a gallery with the respective location. This gallery can then be qualified. Through the necessary connection with our DAM system, the filters and types of the DAM system are played into the app. These categories are now used to qualify the gallery.

Depending on how these filters/types were built, the assignment is a qualitative statement: so e.g. Stopper Quality, Creative Idea, Innovation etc. or the assignment is used for categorization such as Brand, Competitor, Retailer etc.

The technology of the app is based on the Apple iOS. Originally developed for the iPad, the app is also fully functional on the iPhone. Thus, every user can decide on which device he or she would prefer to use the app.

A use for Android devices would be technologically possible in the future, but is currently not planned, as the demand in customer usage has been limited to Apple devices so far. Contact us if this would be an option for you.

Even without Internet access, you can create impressions and save them locally on your device. When you have web access again in the evening, you can synchronize your impressions online with our central DAM system as you wish.

This functionality is very useful, because in many markets no or only very limited web access is possible. Even devices with mobile Internet access then often have no connection to the Internet. However, this is of course necessary for synchronizing the data with the base system.

Once you have created images and filled in the mandatory fields of the metadata, the impressions can be synchronized from the repository. The images are already compressed during upload to make the data transfer as efficient as possible and to save time for synchronization. Modern devices produce high-resolution images, which can generate an enormous amount of data. However, this is not necessary for the purpose, so compression makes a lot of sense here.

After a successful upload, this data is no longer available on the device. But you can always restore impressions to the local device. This way your data would be fully available again, based on your chosen criteria for restoring. For example, only impressions from the last three months.

The Store-Check App


Galleries are ready in a customer system.


Employees are enabled for this app.


Create images on site.


Categorize directly at creation.


Provide images and data centrally.


Assess results in headquarter.

FAQ – Important questions at a glance

The EXPERT app is an extension of our DAM system. Therefore, it can only be used sensibly together with the central data system. Many of our customers use multiple instances of our DAM system. One instance is used for classic media management, i.e. product images, videos, documents. A second instance is used in sales in conjunction with the EXPERT app. The goal is to work with different filters, types and categories by separating them. In other words, features that are ideal for the respective application purposes. In general, however, mixed operation is also possible.

The EXPERT app is licensed together with the DAM system. Therefore, please contact us if you want to use the app’s functionality. We will then create an individual offer for you. Again, the app is not licensed on a per-user basis, but offered as a full flat solution.

Yes, the EXPERT app is freely available in the Apple App Store. However, it requires a login with an unlocked permission. It is therefore not possible to use the app just like that. If you are interested, we can arrange a demo appointment.

This is done on the basis of user management in the DAM system. Users in this system can receive an EXPERT app authorization and thus also gain access to the app. This process requires the setup of the base system and a subsequent activation of individual users.

Our team is constantly working on improvements to functionality and services. For this purpose, the app is adapted to the technological changes in the App Store and the iOS operating system. Changes there can lead to limitations. Consequently, ongoing optimization of the app is necessary.

We are active consultants and take care of the implementation of the systems in your company. In addition, we are also available on an ongoing basis as consultants or for possible new functionalities. Our content team can also take over the support and structuring of the data as well as the administration of the systems.