It’s more than just usability with a PIM and DAM system

Every system – be it an operating system for a computer or a data processing program – requires extensive training. After all, every stroke of work has to strike home and each aimless click costs time and nerves. That’s why usability should be the number one priority in the designing process. Only if users “feel at home” when using an application, they will also like working with this system.

We have taken this into account in our dynamicPIM® and dynamicDAM® tools and, thanks to clever features, made it possible to handle a PIM and DAM system conveniently. We’d like to present these features in more detail below. Let’s start with the dashboard.

The Dashboard – The start screen for every user

A key benefit of applications such as dynamicPIM® and dynamicDAM® is making important information immediately accessible. As a collecting point for vast amounts of data, a digital asset management system primarily serves to find all media data quickly in one place. We have developed the dashboard, a start screen, to give every user the opportunity to individually place widgets/tiles on the start screen that are of immediate interest to him or her: tracking data – if you have the respective user rights –, updates or workflows, time, date or weather. Everything you wish for is possible.

Your mood level for corporate images or product launches

Switch your mood system on! That is quite simple: You decide whether you want to have a neutral background or rather changing pictures related to your company. This can be a new product launch or events that the company is planning. If you wish, these images can be displayed with only one click on the dashboard. Sounds trivial, but it is not. Everyone uses this system, so you can communicate perfectly what moves you, what you find important or just share the feeling your brand wants to transport.

A network containing all dynamic systems

There is another point regarding handling a PIM or DAM system conveniently: You can link all applications from one spot! The dashboard was developed to link dynamicPIM®, but also all other applications can be accessed easily from here, if you are logged in. This includes external applications as well, which makes your DAM system the central single-point-of-information, if you want.

The data basket: a central collecting point for products

The data basket in dynamicPIM® works like a shopping basket in a shop system. It collects products and allows the assignment of output containers. This enables quick and easy mass downloads of product data. In return, the collected product data can be saved in the data basket for later use. For example, if you want to send PINs with limited validity to external parties who do (should) not have access to the system. You are interested in how external parties can access the system? Read more about it in our article.

That’s how the data basket enables handling of a PIM and DAM system conveniently: These data baskets are not limited in number and are only visible to the users who created them. Thus, they are stored in the user’s profile.

This results in a variety of possibilities for using these data baskets. For example, in order to have product groups always available without having to reassemble them. Or to send them, as mentioned above, to users via PINs.

This principle is identical to our dynamicDAM® solution. The data basket and its functionality are the same as in the media data administration. In doing so, we achieve an optimal usability, which does not demand a learning curve from the user. He can move between both worlds with the same functionality and logic.

Devices: Managing the flood of input/output devices

Desktop, tablet or smartphone – fully responsive, so that the applications can be used on all devices. Additionally, there are mobile apps that take over certain functionalities or considerably extend everyday mobile use. We all face the challenge that the number of input devices, and thus the screen sizes, is increasing dramatically. Indeed, this is a big challenge for applications. All devices must be able to perform the most important functions. It is not so much a question of enabling an editing mode possible on all devices up to the smartphone. But general data access as well as searching for data must be possible anytime. We want to meet these requirements for our products and constantly adapt them to the different browsers and operating systems on the respective devices.
In addition, there are mobile apps for more specific tasks and offline usability, such as dynamicEXPERT® or dynamicSALES®, which primarily run on the Apple iPad.

Usability and handling a PIM and DAM system conveniently go hand in hand. Various functions, such as the dashboard in our case, the data basket or the usability on different devices, contribute to the fact that employees like to use these systems. And that also ensures greater efficiency in the work processes.

Would you like to find out more or convince yourself? Please feel free to contact us.