expands Coty BeautyNet to include luxury brands

The world’s leading group in the fragrances and beauty sector uses’s technology for its PIM/DAM solution in DACH.

Based on the dynamicPIM® and dynamicDAM® products, the Coty BeautyNet with consumer brands (Manhattan, James Bond, Adidas, etc.) was already established two years ago. With the end of 2021, the Coty BeautyNet has now been expanded to include the luxury brands segment. This means that brands such as Burberry, Tiffany, Bottega Veneta, etc. are also represented in the system with all the necessary functions.

Coty BeautyNet

Luxury business differs from the consumer sector

The way product data and media data are used differs significantly in both segments. This requirement had to be taken into account in order to integrate the luxury areas into the systems as well and to authorize them separately.

A core advantage of’s products is the networking of PIM = product information with DAM = media data of all kinds. This enables both the complete provision of all pictorial and textual product data and the division of access rights for the respective areas.

Due to the structured storage of the data, it is possible to optimally supply retailers and internal departments. But it is also possible to serve all other users such as agencies, printers or other service providers from the same system. All functionalities such as PIN links, image rights management, data baskets, download formats, etc. complete the platform.

Individual output containers

The containers provide internal staff and customers with automated, customized master data (based on customer templates) that can be generated directly from Coty BeautyNet.