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Posts, stories in all possible formats are created at and brought into the social cycle. The basis is always a campaign idea or the briefing according to the editorial plan. The feed has to be served, not permanently but at the right frequency and at the right time.


Once laughed at, today, they are one of the most relevant multipliers in the social segment. No matter whether micro or top influencer. The right choice, the right strategy and the necessary penetration is crucial. We take care of selection, mailings, ideas and the complete influencer management.


Ad management has become an integral part of social channels. There are also pure organic successes, but if you really want to distribute your content, there is no way around paid advertising. develops ads, manages the channels, defines target groups and monitors the performance of the advertised posts/ads.


Targeting as well as re-targeting is a rather more technical component. Target group definitions using the tools of the providers are just as relevant as the use of target group lists. Re-targeting is supplemented by the targeted addressing of interested parties according to the algorithm of the platform or segmentation outside the own feed.

Editorial plan

The good old editorial plan is now created with digital tools. But still it is an important basis for any efficient and effective social media management. Nothing works without good planning. If you notice only one day before the due date that you still have to put something live, that is the first mistake.

We often experience that internal departments are simply too busy with their daily business. The editorial plan ensures that you should always plan 1 month in advance ideally.

That doesn’t mean that spontaneous posts are then no longer possible, but it does mean that you never run out of ink and therefore have to produce inferior posts quickly.

Work in a structured way and still remain spontaneous

There are simply too many issues that are currently coming up and are not really predictable. You have to be able to react to them.

And then there are the events that can be planned. Important trade fairs, events such as Easter, Christmas, name days, holidays, the weekend … everything can be planned and thus also an important part of an editorial plan.


Analysis tools are indispensable tools in social media management. They summarize essential key figures and compare them dynamically in the competition or market segment.

Community Management tools help, if several channels have to be served or similar answers can be stored for recurring questions.

The tools are very versatile, “crawl” the web and provide valuable tips that would not be noticed without the aggregation of the contents.

The evaluation is made by the team

The team still does the evaluation of analysis tools. Not all numbers can be clearly interpreted immediately. Not all values promise what they suggest at first glance.

Here, know-how and experience must be applied to Engagement Rate & Co. The trend of the numbers and the actual effect can also be far apart.

Nevertheless, we could never do without the tools because they provide us with the data we need every day, only with the push of a button.

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