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You want marketing automation? Hubspot is the solution. We use this system ourselves and have become experts when it comes to exploiting the possibilities. Hubspot enables growth in a modular way. And because of the high complexity, it is essential to have a good partner at your side.


WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide. It started as a blog software, but over the years it has developed into a serious competitor to systems you need to buy a license before you can use it. We have been working with WordPress for years and know how to use it in professional environments – no matter, if website or shop.


Search engine optimization is a discipline that is deeply rooted in the logic and structure of websites. On-site SEO must significantly take into account code issues that are not visible to users on the site. We supervise, optimize, track, and analyze. Ongoing in the agency contract or on demand.


Today, Google Ads is considered the most relevant form of search engine advertising in the main search engine worldwide. We integrate text or display ads in campaigns or in lead management for companies. Integrated with all other disciplines and tools, depending on the objective.

Marketing Automation

One part of performance marketing is the integrated coordination of digital marketing measures.

We rely on the tools Hubspot – as a central CRM and marketing automation solution – and WordPress – as an extremely flexible open source content management system. The combination offers a perfect solution without having to integrate or connect various other tools.

Why is this so?

One thing in advance: Hubspot is not a tool for beginners. It requires a high degree of training and is also very complex due to the enormous range of functions.

Since it works with built-in-modules, you can grow very well and don’t have to start everything right away. The highlight of the system is the centralization of data. This gives you a 360° view of your potential and allows you to expand your possibilities successively.

The integration of DS-GVO compatibility is integrated as well as the possibility to manage your website – and with that the CMS – completely via Hubspot.


Advice from the agency is essential if digital mechanisms are to be used efficiently.

SEO alone is a science in itself. And it is a continuous achievement, if you want to do it correctly. Monitoring, tracking of keywords/phrases, benchmarking with competitors etc. These are all parts of the tasks in SEO.

In addition, there are all content issues that need to be implemented.

We experience again and again that websites have strong deficiencies …

… because essential fundamentals were not observed or simply not sufficiently advised. It doesn’t help to talk the issues down. The competition never sleeps and good digital work that focuses on visibility and relevance is now a mixture of digital experience, f.e. what the target group sees when they find the website, and technical expertise, f. e. what enables the target group to find the website.

The best thing is to get the right advice right away and take enough time for the content and technical conception of the website. It is definitely worth it and ensures that the frustration level is reduced in the end.

Content makes a difference. No matter, if you are looking for support for your content or if new content has to be developed. Get more information here.

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