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The basis is always the CRM, HubSpot even offers this module free of charge. That is, below the starter version, the CRM solution can be used free of charge.

Certainly a good marketing idea, but this module alone helps very little in professional use. As you can imagine, the full power of the HubSpot solution is only activated when a paid level is reached.

Here, too, it’s quite clear that little is possible below the Professional level for a professional, digital marketing strategy. It simply doesn’t make sense, since essential basics are not activated or cannot be changed.

The Sales HUB, i.e. the sales-related tools, is a perfect software basis for all sales managers. By the way, not only in B2B. There are also starting points in B2C and in internal communication with partners.

They ideally support the work of sales staff with deals, kanban views, documenting conversations and guides, and post-processing conversations.

The Sales HUB is thus useful if you have your own sales team. If this is not the case, it still makes sense to at least use the Starter license. Here, too, good structuring options are already included, which help smaller companies to maintain an overview and conduct lead management.

or us, the Marketing HUB is of course the core of the HubSpot suite, and also the core of the software, which is also the original business idea. All digital marketing activities are combined here. The Professional version, which we clearly recommend, delivers the performance power of the system.

The target groups are all companies that want to make good digital marketing from one source – and, who also use their website as an active lead management, acquisition or sales portal (store).

This does not mean that the various tools of the digital “top dogs” such as LinkedIn, Google and Facebook/Instagram lose their justification. But, they are just all proprietary corporations that have no interest in combining data worlds and management into one solution.

HubSpot makes it possible to bundle important digital channels and serve them from the “center”. Thus, for example, target groups can be clustered, personas can be formed, and efficiency and the data situation can be clearly optimized.

The Service HUB serves areas that have a lot to do with customer care and customer support. Live chats, bots, ticket management, inboxes, etc. are also available, as is the knowledge database that can be used from Professional.

As in the other modules, the individual tools work very much together. For example, this module not only serves business units that have “human” customer support, but also structures that require knowledge to be bundled in one place.

For example, the knowledge database offers the possibility to make articles freely accessible, and thus to be actively visible to Google as a knowledge base. However, it also allows articles to be made available only to defined target groups and thus also to make knowledge available to internal teams. Many companies lack structured data of this kind.

The CMS = Content Management System replaces an additional solution for website management. This is where it comes into play that the HubSpot-internal CMS thus allows all possibilities of personalization, content control and analysis incl. global hosting in a CDN environment.

Without going into detail, it is already clear that the networking in the system offers many other possibilities. It is not a mandatory module and could also be a future expansion stage. In the current version, however, it is already implemented in a very sophisticated way.

However, not much speaks against continuing to implement the CMS with WordPress. The design options in WordPress are very extensive, SEO can be implemented very well and HubSpot offers a perfect integration with a plugin for WordPress.

Workflows are part of all modules and the heart of marketing automation. Workflows are controlled processes that are implemented in an automated way based on a trigger. A very powerful tool that must be used with a lot of savvy. With its many options, it provides the basis for refining HubSpot more and more and tailoring it to individual needs.

On the one hand, workflows are an incredibly good help to avoid having to intervene manually over and over again. On the other hand, they help to define processes and thus to run essential data streams in a targeted manner.

Triggers can be used, for example, to assign personas or send e-mails based on certain criteria. Creativity is also required here. It is important to communicate along the customer journey in such a way that it encourages more and does not have the opposite effect.

Our buying behavior has changed.


Consumers are usually well informed and have high expectations.


Companies are often not prepared for these challenges.


Invest properly in the appropriate software.


Seek advice where competence and experience are available.


Think strategically and plan goals realistically.


Trying things out, checking and restarting again and again.

FAQ – Important questions at a glance

Marketing automation always begins with in-depth consultation on goals and challenges. This means that an intensive exchange must take place between the customer and the agency in order to isolate issues and understand problems.

In the next step, the customer’s expectations must be matched with what marketing automation can do. It is not our goal to sell software. We want to offer support and show what is possible. In return, this is also always a clarification of where the limits lie.

Once these steps have been taken and written down, a serious planning of implementation and timings can take place.

That depends on the general use of the modules. As already mentioned, the entry-level solutions with HubSpot Starter are conceivable for smaller companies. However, if you want to work professionally, at least the Professional license must be used. Marketing automation and the associated activities can then be controlled very finely and there are also no restrictions in the area of emails and layouts. For a price overview, simply look directly on the HubSpot page.

Simple answer: Yes. HubSpot is a global system; not all countries around the world take data protection into account in the same way as Germany. However, the HubSpot instance must be configured specifically for the GDPR. This is possible, but also requires consulting and knowledge of what needs to be configured in the system and how.

HubSpot’s primary approach is not to replace other tools and software solutions. However, as part of an “economies of scale” strategy and especially if you want to operate marketing automation, this is purposeful. Many approaches come into consideration here.

From newsletter tools to CRO tools, email systems, ticket systems, landing page generators, CRM, analytics, SEO tools, CMS systems, and so on. This list alone shows how much potential there is in centralizing with HubSpot.

HubSpot cannot replace systems like our PIM/DAM solutions, for example. Here, we are dealing with a completely different task area.

There are. Various providers offer software solutions that either offer parts of the system, such as newsletter management, pure CRM solutions, ticket systems or ad management applications. Therefore, it is always important to first clarify the requirements in the company and see whether HubSpot is the right solution or whether an alternative could be considered.

It is important to note that HubSpot offers many expansion options for a long-term strategy. This means you don’t limit yourself right from the start. You stay with one central system. The risk of having to administer many small “task solvers” with individual solutions is enormous. For this purpose, data in third-party systems must be reconciled, which can then be analyzed in one system.

But: HubSpot is an inbound marketing solution. The most important first question is always, “What do I want to achieve, what are my needs?” Only then can we recommend something and see if it fits or if another system would make more sense. We are not set in our ways here.

Every potential customer who works with us in this context always remains a customer of HubSpot directly. In addition, as a certified partner, we are the supporting HubSpot partner for the customer and also the first point of contact. The HubSpot license is always the customer’s license and not ours. The billing of the license model always takes place directly between the customer and HubSpot.

We are HubSpot partners, sparring partners and the digital agency in charge. In addition, every customer benefits from our experience and the references we have acquired over many years in the digital business with our customers. Our goal is always the greatest possible success of our customers. That’s what we work for and that’s what we love.

Marketing automation is a broad field. There is a lot to know and the systems are very complex. It’s not something you can do on the side once in the marketing department, even though many marketing managers might think so.

HubSpot and other solutions are enormously complex systems. That’s why you need guidance, and that’s exactly what we offer. And, we specialize in HubSpot. At least as far as the topic of marketing automation is concerned. We want to be good, and we can only be good if we focus.

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