Graphic works are part of all agency services.


Layouts and wireframes, usability and everything that makes up graphic design are implemented by our art directors and graphic designers. We are a digital agency. Our main focus is on how graphic design improves user experiences and offer our clients an optimal usability.


Our services in image processing includes the professional creation or preparation of image data. When taking over image data, it is often necessary to make adjustments, set or check clipping paths and ensure the correct use of images (Amazon, resolution, color spaces).


Videos and animated gifs are the visual stars of our time. We edit videos, create videos and gifs and produce them e.g. in-house for our social accounts. It's not always about top high-class videos, but rather about fast, up-to-date stories that generate commitment.


We develop presentations, mostly in Power Point as output medium for our clients. The aim is to present top results in a top quality way. For this purpose, data is collected; and we interact with different departments of the company to visualize success stories accordingly.


Or the art of preparing front ends in such a way that users immediately feel comfortable. In addition, the website must be perceived as appealing and users should be guided intuitively
to their chosen destination.

Let us give you an example

Currently, many municipal websites have online booking features for public swimming pools. Most of them use eventim as a service provider, an event management tool that provides this service externally without the need for municipalities to set up their own booking features.

The service is therefore rolled out with an external link. You just have to find this link first. I have been searching for minutes on different pages to find the link quite hidden on a subpage as a text link. This is what I call bad usability.

It is always about guiding users optimally and preparing the paths in such a comprehensible way that no frustration arises on the way to the goal.


Call-to-Actions = CTAs are instructions from the website/app operator to encourage users to take a targeted action. This is usually done with buttons, input fields, text links or, for example, animated areas. Comparable to the disruptive elements in print, they want to attract attention and are therefore visually highlighted

How do you deal with CTAs?

It is not the most skillful way to distribute them inflationary on the pages. Rather, these fields of action are the target, meaning the end of the user’s path. So there is always a beginning, a way and the goal. The beginning and the path must be planned exactly and prepared in such a way that the user is guided in the best possible way towards the defined goal.

It is therefore initially a conceptual task of the information architecture. But it is also a strongly graphics-driven service, because in the sense of a UI kit (UI = user interface), buttons, colors, links (hover etc.), and animations must be clearly defined. The danger is far too great that otherwise every page will look differently and constantly present new “intellectual” challenges to the user.

You should not underestimate how quickly the appearance of an application (website/app) is internalized. If the graphics are constantly changing, you probably frustrate the user faster than you can imagine.

Applications that track user behavior are helpful, for example, analytics, heat maps, funnels etc. For every form there are suitable tools that can be integrated. They record user behavior and allow to identify dropouts, i.e. the places where users leave the intended path. Here again, the following applies: Web and apps are not one-way streets that can finally be designed in advance. It is an ongoing optimization with a good conceptual basis.

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