Individuelle Ausgabeformate (Output Container)

We taught our PIM system individual output containers.

Individual output formats (Output Container) for an optimized distribution of product data of all kinds Our PIM…

Automatisierungen im PIM-System

Automation in the PIM system

It is just as easy as that Working with data can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Resources are in particular…

dynamicPIM®, das Product-Information-Management-System für Unternehmen, PIM-System

Product data management – Your hidden treasure for selling consumer goods

Why product data management gets more and more important Creating and managing products and their descriptive data is a…

dynamicDAM®, der Mediendaten-Profi für Unternehmen, Media-Asset-Management

Focus on media asset management for business

Order is half the battle – our media asset management A media asset management-system helps you to manage your… retresco textengine pim dam CMCX 2019

CMCX 2019 – dynamicPIM® meets retresco textengine

Bastian Seib and Annalena Schäfer of at the CMCX 2019 Reflecting a great trade fair and many interesting…