Exceptional products perfectly staged – with optimized content that convinces

Whether basic or A+ content, we are Amazon specialists.

When unique design and innovative properties are combined, outstanding products are created. Precious tableware and modern home accessories with recognition factor are characteristic of the traditional Leonardo brand. We at dietz.digital know how to present these characteristics in a meaningful way on Amazon.


Design-lovers who want to bring an Italian attitude towards life into their home.


Informative, SEO-optimized basic content in combination with emotionally appealing A+ content.


Diving into the different product worlds, setting up a well thought-out text concept and undertaking a detailed keyword research.


Exceptional glass design


Informative basic content


Emotional A+ content


Perfect interplay of image and text



Savvy Amazon listing optimization

Texts on Amazon have to convince people as well as to be found by search engines. Potential buyers want all product information at a glance, but are also influenced by emotions. A9, the Amazon algorithm, evaluates the texts according to complex criteria, whereby search terms play an important role. We are well versed in product titles, highlights and product descriptions and know what is important for successful A+ content.

Tableware and home decor for people with high standards

Leonardo combines decades of experience with new design concepts and, thanks to innovative ideas, offers state of the art products. Every glass tells a story – and that’s exactly what we do with our content. Storytelling is extremely important for A+, as it enables consumers to enter the product world and connect with the brand. Images and texts must work together and communicate a message.

Bring family and friends together at your table …

… with an individual equipment of glass products. Leonardo products can be combined in many ways. If, for example, customers choose an individual table service, this means a harmonious table ambience for them – and of course higher sales for the brand. That’s why it was important in our Leonardo project to develop the right cross-selling strategy for the A+ content.

Your Amazon listing needs to be optimized, too?

Amazon optimization

Being found, inform, convince and motivate to buy – our content is one step towards your success. We analyze and optimize existing Amazon basic and A+ content or create it from scratch.

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