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We add emotion to functionality.

And that’ s not as easy as it sounds. Do-it-yourselfers are demanding: They want quality material for an attractive price and they want it instantly available. Online-channels become more and more important. Besides the construction market’s wide range of ecommerce-offerings the focus lies on Amazon. As an Amazon agency, we create, supervise, refine and analyze content.


Addressing do-it-yourselfers, doers and inventors that want to design their dream home.


Offering informative, comprehensible product-descriptions – the product presents the solution to master your DIY-challenge.


Preparing us with a detailed analysis of the target-group, getting acquainted with the subject and detailed researches.




Detailed preparation


Perfect material


That’s how you do it


Perfect result

We do not just write for Knauf, as an Amazon agency we know how to “knauf”

Our work is a matter of heart and mind, because we’re convinced of the product-quality. Knauf is an internationally known top-supplier with its roots in Germany. Quality is Knauf’s key aspiration, and that’s the reason why the brand’s content needs to be necessarily high quality, too.

DIY-product-content creation needs identification with the target-group

Getting acquainted with the usage of the Knauf-products is an essential challenge. From putty to silicones and countless construction materials – each product has its purpose in the do-it-yourselfer’s result. It’s not about sounding all technically and factually in the description, but to give inspiration and encourage users to use the high-quality Knauf-materials for each step of the working-process. Based on that the project can only be completed successfully.

Analyzing and Amazon SEO – As Amazon agency you need to keep up

The days are over when only one product-image and a few lines of text were enough to convince consumers. That’s what is offered to everyone – over and out. Today, contents need to be created individually for each channel. This is where our products DYNAMIC PIM® and DYNAMIC DAM® help us tremendously.

Additionally, there’s a lot Amazon-knowledge you need for content creation. You have to develop a deeper understanding of Amazon. Our article about the distinctions between vendor and sellers gives you a first idea. Amazon’s own search engine needs to be “fed”. A detailed and ongoing analysis of the uploaded contents regarding important factors such as Google ranking or backlinks influence directly Amazon’s Buybox and co.
There is a lot to do to perform successfully on Amazon. As an Amazon agency we know how to do it, just contact us.

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Being active where the real sales take place. Amazon has become an indispensable sales-channel in Germany. Vendor, Seller, Keywords, A9 – we deal with it.

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